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"I have had the pleasure of dealing with Morris Bros as the rental agents for my property over the past five or so years.  The staff are always pleasant and welcoming with a cheery greeting, taking a personal interest in both owners and renters.  When any issues arise with the property (as they are bound to do) I am contacted promptly and I have peace of mind knowing that such matters are resolved efficiently."

- Ms Riddell

“I’ve been renting through Morris Bros since 2003 and have always been happy without any issues”

- Bob Tucker

“I deal with a lot of real estate’s every day and I have to applaud Morris Bros for their wonderful service and quick response. The girls do a wonderful job communicating with me whenever I call the office they are always there to answer any questions I have. It is my pleasure to work with Morris Bros team and I am thankful for the support, information, laughs, and everything they do to assist me each time I contact them!”

- Andrea Bowman

"Hi Brett, just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you and your staff.  You have made what I turned into a “big drama”  something simple !!!It is full on here at the moment, will ask you up in a month or so to have a look.Thanks again"

- Jennifer Costigan

9 testimonials found - Page 2 of 3

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